Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hotel Blowjob

I arrived yesterday at a Texas hotel after a long flight and hour Lyft ride from the airport on a hot and humid Texas afternoon. I was hot, horny, and sweaty, and ready for a nap when I arrived at the hotel. I used the bathroom, stripped my clothes down to my Calvin Klein briefs, and logged into one of those gay hookup applications.
As many of you know,  anytime you are in a new area, you become instantly popular on the apps. So within minutes, a built 43-year-old cutie messaged me and asked if he could suck my dick. After the obligatory naked and face picture exchanges, I gave him my hotel address and room. He had a nice skinny 7.5-inch cock and firm ass on him. I did offer to fuck him, but he said he only wanted to suck no reciprocation needed.
Quickly I freshened up, put a pair of mesh gym shorts on, and left my room door cracked slightly open. After about 20 minutes, I'm still waiting for him to walk in the room since I was not sure if the meetup is going to happen. I'm also constrained by a dinner meeting within the hour. I messaged him and asked if he was on the way, and he said he was in the parking lot.
After a few minutes anxiously awaiting his arrival, he opened up my room door and let him self in. He said a shy hello, and fully closed and locked my room door.  We made out for a few moments, we started to simultaneously get naked together.  When he was stripping, he did an 180-degree turn and saw his beautiful round ass, and had evil thoughts launching my DNA in there.
After both had got naked, we began to kiss passionately. I kissed him on the neck and started to lick his nipples.  After the foreplay,  he started sucking my cock.  I asked him if he wanted to come back to the bedroom part of my suite to continue, and he smiled and said yes.
I threw him on the bed and gave him pecks on the cheek and some tongue action. After the tongue action, he flipped me over and began to suck on my cock. His warm mouth felt good on my meat.
I did offer to fuck him again, but he refused and wanted to continue sucking my cock. After sucking my cock, I eventually launched a load in his mouth, he swallowed my entire load. He continued to suck my dick after ejaculation to be sure he had licked every last remaining drip of my cum, like his life depended on it.
After the sucking, I offered to suck him, and he said I did not need to. He clothed and then left.  This morning, he messaged me, and asked if I was still in town tonight. I had another city to visit tonight, but I told him next time in town I would like to meet up and fuck him. And responded to me, "I want you fill my ass deep." Hopefully, in a month, I will be seeding his perfect ass with a nice shot of protein.