Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Power Bottom can't take it...

   After arriving in my destination city and before I can unpack one bag, I received a message from Malaysian power bottom Grindr guy. He was 20 miles away from my location. He was incessant to have sex tonight. I tried to avoid it, by saying I'm jet lagged, but he insisted on meeting tonight. So I agreed to a dinner meeting.
      He met me for dinner. We talked, he gave me information about the country I'm located in and gave me tips on how to get around town. At this point, I was ready to call it an evening. I said we can have sex next time. He also wanted to use condoms. Also, after eating, I really don't want to fuck a bottom, since it could get messy.
      So the following week, he hit me up on Grindr and asked if he could come over. I said yes he could come over, and about an hour later, I heard a knock on the hotel door. Since already knew him, I waited for him in just my underwear, a black pair of Calvin Klein briefs Starting in my underwear helps gets things moving right away and guys think it's hot being already naked once they arrive.
    After we began to make out, he stripped down to his underwear quickly and made out some more. Also, I'm a sucker for licking on the nipples. So I licked on his nipples and began to suck his cock. He reciprocated the favor back to me. After the initial cuddling and body contact, I began to tease his ass hole with my hard cock. It looked tight, but immaculate and ready to be rimmed.
    I began to rim his ass, and started to prepare for my cock to enter his tight little hole.  Since I really wanted to seed his ass, I lubed my dick up. He did not say a word, and after I finished lubing my dick , he assumed the position with him on all fours, and his full moon ass in the air. He told me to fuck him raw. Always teasing the ass with a cock makes is easy for the bottom to forget about using rubbers.
   Since his ass looked tight, I slowly started to put my cock head in his small hole. I was able to get my cock head in slowly, but he began to grimace and his ass tightened up where I could not penetrate any further.  So after attempting one additional penetration, still no luck, and he said my cock was too big for him.
    So instead of a story of me ejaculating all over his inner guts, I just stroked myself off, and told him to go. Don't market yourself as a power bottom, if you can't take the dick. My pecker is not that that big, only around 6.5 inches.


  1. I kinda think it's hot when a guy grimaces... :-)

  2. I agree..they just have to take it all the way in!! Should of had my poppers with me.