Monday, January 2, 2017

Love Breeding Big Asses

It's been a while since I've had sex, and an opportunity finally presented itself.

I was ready to head to bed and started a Grindr conversation with a thirty-something Middle Eastern guy.  He was pleasant to talk to, and he seemed laid back. So after exchanging messages, I provided him with my room number and gave him directions to the hotel.  We agreed to meet at 10:30PM.

So now it's 10:40 PM, and he has not arrived at my hotel room. I sent him another message and no response at 10:45PM. I was about to give up on him showing up, but I finally received the soft knock on my hotel room door, and he entered.  He was nicely dressed business casual when he arrived.

He then removed my clothes and began to suck on my dick. After sucking on my dick for a few minutes, he dropped his pants. I gave him a few kisses, and then I worked on removing his clothes. After I finished removing his clothes, he said he was ready for my dick.

He stood on the front of bed, and leaned over, and assumed the position. His ass was begging for my cock.  I stood behind him, put my hand on his but cheek, which was very bubbly, and I rubbed it, and then I slowly inserted my cock.

I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable when my cock slid in, so I did not  thrust in deep and hard. I held still for a minute, and rubbed his back, hoping he would relax some. So after rubbing his lower back, and massing his big ass cheeks, I thrust in once, and it began to smell slightly..

At the moment, I was starting to get slightly concerned that this might be a messy fuck. So instead of going in with multiple hard thrusts, I just gave some gentle thrusts in the upper part of his ass. After giving him about 10 gentle thrusts, I eventually released my load inside of his hole.

After that, he was ready to get dressed quickly and left without cleaning up or washing up. Still felt good to breed a hole, but wish I was able to thrust deeper. However, I was still relived to get off with out any mess!!