Friday, January 15, 2016

Hotel Lobby Stall or The Power Bottom in my Room, I-Watch

After just arriving in town yesterday and finishing a long day at the office, I arrived at my hotel room. I checked in, changed clothes, grabbed a bite to eat, and open up Grindr.

On Grindr, literally the next guy right next to my profile messaged me. He was a 22 y/o. had a nice cock, and found out that he was an hotel employee where I'm staying.  After finishing the usual Grindr pleasantries, I extended an invite to him if he could "sneak up" to my room. He said he could not come up to my room on the clock or off the clock, due to cameras being everywhere. However, he asked me if I could come down to the lobby bathroom stall, and he could come and fuck me in there. Yes, it would not be the first time I've had sex with a hotel employee.

I did ponder his offer, but I was nervous getting caught in the lobby bathroom. Also, he insisted to use a rubber. If I'm doing it in public, it's too hard to bring lube, rubbers, poppers all with me into a bathroom stall. Has to be a quick fuck. At this stage in my life, I'd rather be comfortable in a room than squished up in a stall. If he was ok with raw, I  would have been in that stall.

While struggling to make up my mind, another local guy hit me. He pinged me, and asked if I could fuck him and told me that he was on Prep and STD free, and tested this week. I said great, and come on over.

So I prepared my room for his arrival. Got out my sex bag, with my poppers, lube, and condoms. At this point, since he volunteered he was on Prep, and I'd assumed he would want my dick raw. A few minutes passed, and he arrived a my room.

He entered my room, gave me a kiss, and took of his clothes. He took control, and started sucking on my cock. I tried to kiss him, and reciprocate, he forcefully pushed me back on my back, and continued to suck my erect cock.

After a few minutes, he went back to his jeans, grabbed his lube, and began to lube up his ass. Then he grabbed one of my condoms, and placed it on my cock. Caught me a by surprise, but went along with it. Even I agree to go bareback with someone, I still put the condoms out just in case of a last minute change of heart.

He then laid down on my bed, pulled his legs back by his shoulders. and I began to penetrate him with my cock. As my cock was entering his hole. I saw his face skirmish.. So I held for a second before my next thrust, and asked him if he was alright. He said yes, and I began to give him a mix of shorter and longer thrusts.

All of the sudden, he began looking at his I-Watch, since he started receiving some texts from a friend. The message killed the moment. I asked again if he was ok, and he said he had to text back, etc. So after he completed the voice dictation of his return message, he demanded me to lay on my back, and he proceeded to sit on my cock.

Following a few thrusts, I came in the condom. After I came, I switched to a missionary position. After I switched to a missionary position, he began to attempt to penetrate my ass. Before he was able to penetrate, cum began to come out of his cock and hitting on my ass hole. Felt really hot to have cum hitting my ass.

After this, we cleaned up quickly, and left to attend to his personal business

Lesson learned. Make sure your sex partner does not have a I-Watch On During sex, or it can kill the moment. Nice to have sex, but wish their was no interruptions.