Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick Raw Hookup before the bf arrived home

I was logged onto Grindr this evening,  horned up, and trying to see if I can get a quick hookup in before the significant other arrived home. I've talked to this one guy off and on for the past few months, but schedules never worked out to meet up. I messaged him, and he immediately told me he was free to meet up now. I said yes, gave him my address. However, time  very limited for me tonight, so I was banking on him getting here quickly and getting done fast. He is also partnered.

Unfortunately, it took him about 35 minutes to get here. He was in his early 30s, around 5'7, wearing all black, but still had a decent build. He came in my front door, took his clothes off, and I began to suck his dick some. By this point, I knew I had only about 10 minutes left before I could run into any issues.

After giving him a blow job, he proceeded to start rimming my ass. He did a really nice job moistening up my ass, and getting it prepped for receiving his 7 inch cock.  He turned me around on the bed, and stuck his cock head in. Got the initial pain sensation for a minute, and told him to pull out for a second.  Time was almost out.

Since his first penetration hurt, I went to my bottle of poppers, and took 2-3 sniffs which helped to relax me. I put my legs up again, and his raw dick slid in with absolutely no pain the second time. Amazing what poppers can do to help relax you.

 He began to thrust his dick with gentle strokes, and it felt amazing not having any latex separating his dick and my ass. Now, at this point, as good as his dick feels, this act need to be finished up in a hurry or I would be caught.

While he continued to fuck me, I started stroking my dick, and shot cum on his and my chest. It felt really good. Then I told him, are you able to cum soon, and he told me it would take him a while. Unfortunately, I did not have time to have him keeping fucking me without getting caught. He gave me a few more strokes, and wrapped it up the act. However, he was not able to ejaculate in my ass...

He cleaned up and dressed. He told me he would like to come over again, and he left. I put the sheets in the washer, and hopped in the shower, and before my partner got home about 10 minutes later.

Lessons from this one, wish I had more time. Also, I don't think i can go back to condoms when receiving dick. Felt too good without one on. Now it's when, not if I'll take cum in my ass. Till next time.

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