Monday, September 14, 2015

Some morning bb topping and rimming, bb consent

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I woke up early to do a few errands. Toward the end of my errands, a picture less grindr profile messaged me. The profile asked the typical what's up followed by a barrage of body pictures. Chest, Dick, ass, and all were very nice. I responded back with mine, and asked if he preferred to top or bottom, safe or bare. He said Fuck Me, and he wanted to do bare. No questions asked about statuses until I asked. He said he was negative and did not ask me.

I arrived back at home. An hour later, he arrived. He quickly stripped off his clothes. He was toned with good body definition. Not a body builder, but a good smooth tone on him. After he stripped, he opened the fresh bottle of poppers and he took a sniff in each nostril. I removed my clothes and did the same thing.

He hopped onto the bed, and I got on top of him. Gave him a few kisses and the sucked on his nipples. We both took another sniff of the poppers. He told me to rim his ass. I went, checked out his to make sure there were no signs of shit on his ass, and went down and started to rim his ass. It tasted really good, and I continued to suck his sweet asshole.

After some more rimming, we took another sniff of poppers. I'm on cloud 9 right now, heart beating, and ready to penetrate his ass He told me to put it in him. Silly me, I forgot to lube up my cock, and proceeded to guide my cock in. After penetration, and a couple strokes, I exploded inside his ass, as my cum went gushing out into his inners.

Since he had not gotten off yet, and I was not prepped to get fucked, told me to eat my cum out of his ass. I gladly obliged, he stroked, and shot his cum all over me. I felt good licking cum out of his ass. First time I have done such an act, and I'm ready to lick ass and suck cum out again.

After he got off, we made some small talk. He said he really did not want me to cum in him, He asked if I was clean, and I assumed he meant if I was HIV- and STD free. I said yes, and gave him my latest STD information, and he asked if he should go to the emergency room  I hate when people ask when i'm clean, they should be specific about asking about STD's and HIV. Also, when consenting to bareback sex, my view is you consent bodily fluid exchange and the associated risks. If you tell me you don't want cum, I'll wrap it up.