Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tumblr, Throwback Thursday in the Gym Lockeroom.

Really not much sex to write about lately, so I took the Tumblr plunge and synced this blog to my new Tumblr page at  Give me a follow if your on tumblr, and I'll follow back. Lots of hot images and stories out on tumblr. On tumblr only, I'll also reblog some pictures, videos that I find hot.

Since it's throw back Thursday, I'll share my first semi-public sex experience from about 7 years ago. I was working out late on snowy winter evening at nice fitness center and just completed my quick basic workout. Usually, I head back, grab my gym bag, and head home.

 I did not follow my usual routine this night. Sitting in the hot tub sounded nice before heading back out into the cold wintry night. The locker room was sparsely populated with a few older men running around the area naked, but I was brave, grabbed a towel, and stripped off my gym clothes and underwear. I put the white towel around my waist (No, i really did not want anyone to see my cock) and headed around the corner to the men's hot tub and sauna area.

I placed my towel down, and gradually submerged my body in the hot foamy water. In the hot tub was one other guy, medium build, short black hair just relaxing. he had a nice upper body. After a few minutes, we made eye contact. At this point, wasn't sure if it was general eye contact or if he decided to "check me out". After a few minutes, exchanging glances he exited the hot tub, and headed to the sauna room.

So at this point there is a strong possibility that he's interested in me. I exited a moment after him, and entered the sauna room.

In the sauna room, we both made eye contact and he smiled at me. I could not stop staring at him. He pulled down his towel, and started stroking his cock. I stroked back, giving him the "OK", everything is good. I moved over to sit right next to him, and I touched his erect cock. After touching and stroking it, I put his meat in mouth and told him to watch just in case anybody entered the sauna room.

After sucking his cock, we decided back to the hot tub since it was hot in the shower. We sat next to each other in the hot tub, and gave each other hand jobs underneath the hot tub foam. My heart was pounding over the fear of getting caught, but still hot to do it in a public place.  I felt my cum release, and he decided to hop out and get dressed.

I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place to continue the evenings adventure, but he had to be home.

No fucking, but still a hot experience having somewhat public sex.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Almost Happened

Forgot to move this out of draft...

The other evening, I was chatting with an out of town BBRT connection. He  asked me if I finally received the load. So told him some of the story, and I need to write it out. Here it goes.

I was horned up and cruising the local area on grindr. A blank profile messaged me. He asked if I wanted to get fucked and sent me his picture.

He was in-shape, hipster look, about 6 foot tall. I told him, I need a few minutes to prep. Twenty minutes later, I told him I was ready.  After some discussion, we did mutually agree to do bareback. He did ask me if I was sure if I wanted him to come over, I said come on over.

About 20 minutes later,  he showed up at my room. Exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes. He told me that he just got out of a relationship, and he smiled at me. We started making out while clothed, and it felt good.

He took off his clothes, just down to his red pair of undies, which looked to be a bikini briefs with a big red pouch covering his crotch. After some more making out, he opened a new poppers bottle. he took a sniff, and then I took a sniff. Made out pretty passionately for a few minutes, and he threw me down on to the bed and began to suck my dick.

After some sucking, we both took another sniff of poppers. I felt very good with that initial popper high. my heading was spinning, feeling my heart beat, I moved into a missionary position, slight lifting my ass into the air ready to receive. At this point, I felt ready to get that load of cum into my ass.  When I was in the position, he started to position him self to put his cock into my ass.

He came down, gave me a kiss, and then I thought he was going to insert. But to my disappointment, he pulled back and said he could not go through with it. he mentioned brought back memories with his bf who he recently broke up with and felt guilty about doing it.

I was bummed. He decided to rinse off, and then got clothed. We chit chatted about our relationships for a few minutes On his way out of my hotel room, he gave me a kiss, and left.

My feelings...he'll be getting back with his ex if he's having that kind of strong feelings and feeling guilty during sex.

Haven't seen him on grindr since..(unless i was blocked)