Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick Raw Hookup before the bf arrived home

I was logged onto Grindr this evening,  horned up, and trying to see if I can get a quick hookup in before the significant other arrived home. I've talked to this one guy off and on for the past few months, but schedules never worked out to meet up. I messaged him, and he immediately told me he was free to meet up now. I said yes, gave him my address. However, time  very limited for me tonight, so I was banking on him getting here quickly and getting done fast. He is also partnered.

Unfortunately, it took him about 35 minutes to get here. He was in his early 30s, around 5'7, wearing all black, but still had a decent build. He came in my front door, took his clothes off, and I began to suck his dick some. By this point, I knew I had only about 10 minutes left before I could run into any issues.

After giving him a blow job, he proceeded to start rimming my ass. He did a really nice job moistening up my ass, and getting it prepped for receiving his 7 inch cock.  He turned me around on the bed, and stuck his cock head in. Got the initial pain sensation for a minute, and told him to pull out for a second.  Time was almost out.

Since his first penetration hurt, I went to my bottle of poppers, and took 2-3 sniffs which helped to relax me. I put my legs up again, and his raw dick slid in with absolutely no pain the second time. Amazing what poppers can do to help relax you.

 He began to thrust his dick with gentle strokes, and it felt amazing not having any latex separating his dick and my ass. Now, at this point, as good as his dick feels, this act need to be finished up in a hurry or I would be caught.

While he continued to fuck me, I started stroking my dick, and shot cum on his and my chest. It felt really good. Then I told him, are you able to cum soon, and he told me it would take him a while. Unfortunately, I did not have time to have him keeping fucking me without getting caught. He gave me a few more strokes, and wrapped it up the act. However, he was not able to ejaculate in my ass...

He cleaned up and dressed. He told me he would like to come over again, and he left. I put the sheets in the washer, and hopped in the shower, and before my partner got home about 10 minutes later.

Lessons from this one, wish I had more time. Also, I don't think i can go back to condoms when receiving dick. Felt too good without one on. Now it's when, not if I'll take cum in my ass. Till next time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Late Night Fuck

I was home alone recently one evening. For the last few months, been talking to a college student who lives close to me. Schedules, availability worked out, and I invited him over to my house. I got naked, cleaned my ass out, and showered.

Waiting to meet someone for the first time always make me nervous. I always pace anxiously around the house for a few minutes while waiting for him to arrive. A few minutes later,  I received a grindr mesage asking if he's at the right location, followed my knock on the door.

I escorted him back to my bedroom. He was cute, nerdy in a good way, and shy. So I initiated things by starting to make out while standing up, while trying to get acqauinted with each other.

After a few minutes of some akward kissing, I took control. I pulled his shirt off, and his shorts down. I laid him down on my bed and made out some more, while mixing in some nipple sucking, his cock, and sucking on his neck. After a few more minutes of foreplay, the connection started happening and you could feel the comfort level raise between us. After a few more minutes of giving him attention, he decided to take some control and we switched positions.

He sucked on my nipples and then kissed me some more. He sucked my dick for a few minutes to get me hard so I would relax.  The college student told me to turn around, and he was getting his dick hard. I put my ass up, and he gently started to slide his raw dick toward my hole. I could feel him about to go in. he had about an 8inch dick. With that size dick, I tried to reach for my poppers to take a sniff before he penetrated to help with the initial pain of receiving dick.

After I reach for the poppers, he stopped, and decided to put a condom on. While waiting for him to wrap and lube up, I took a few more sniffs of my poppers.

Then I assumed the doggie position with my ass up, and he slowly penetrated my ass. He gave me a few good thrusts. After a few good thrusts, he turned me back to the missionary position so we could kiss while he fucked me some more by mixing it up with quick thrusts followed by some longer thrusts. After 3 or 4 minutes, he told me he was about to cum. You can see his relaxation to his orgasm in his face, while it sucked for me not being able to feel his orgasm.

After he came, we cleaned up, and left.

A few days later, he messaged me, said he wants to meet up again and soon. Asked if I did bareback. I said yes for topping. Said it would be my choice next time we meet.

I still have a few more posts in my backlog so stay tuned for more soon.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Some morning bb topping and rimming, bb consent

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I woke up early to do a few errands. Toward the end of my errands, a picture less grindr profile messaged me. The profile asked the typical what's up followed by a barrage of body pictures. Chest, Dick, ass, and all were very nice. I responded back with mine, and asked if he preferred to top or bottom, safe or bare. He said Fuck Me, and he wanted to do bare. No questions asked about statuses until I asked. He said he was negative and did not ask me.

I arrived back at home. An hour later, he arrived. He quickly stripped off his clothes. He was toned with good body definition. Not a body builder, but a good smooth tone on him. After he stripped, he opened the fresh bottle of poppers and he took a sniff in each nostril. I removed my clothes and did the same thing.

He hopped onto the bed, and I got on top of him. Gave him a few kisses and the sucked on his nipples. We both took another sniff of the poppers. He told me to rim his ass. I went, checked out his to make sure there were no signs of shit on his ass, and went down and started to rim his ass. It tasted really good, and I continued to suck his sweet asshole.

After some more rimming, we took another sniff of poppers. I'm on cloud 9 right now, heart beating, and ready to penetrate his ass He told me to put it in him. Silly me, I forgot to lube up my cock, and proceeded to guide my cock in. After penetration, and a couple strokes, I exploded inside his ass, as my cum went gushing out into his inners.

Since he had not gotten off yet, and I was not prepped to get fucked, told me to eat my cum out of his ass. I gladly obliged, he stroked, and shot his cum all over me. I felt good licking cum out of his ass. First time I have done such an act, and I'm ready to lick ass and suck cum out again.

After he got off, we made some small talk. He said he really did not want me to cum in him, He asked if I was clean, and I assumed he meant if I was HIV- and STD free. I said yes, and gave him my latest STD information, and he asked if he should go to the emergency room  I hate when people ask when i'm clean, they should be specific about asking about STD's and HIV. Also, when consenting to bareback sex, my view is you consent bodily fluid exchange and the associated risks. If you tell me you don't want cum, I'll wrap it up.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tumblr, Throwback Thursday in the Gym Lockeroom.

Really not much sex to write about lately, so I took the Tumblr plunge and synced this blog to my new Tumblr page at  Give me a follow if your on tumblr, and I'll follow back. Lots of hot images and stories out on tumblr. On tumblr only, I'll also reblog some pictures, videos that I find hot.

Since it's throw back Thursday, I'll share my first semi-public sex experience from about 7 years ago. I was working out late on snowy winter evening at nice fitness center and just completed my quick basic workout. Usually, I head back, grab my gym bag, and head home.

 I did not follow my usual routine this night. Sitting in the hot tub sounded nice before heading back out into the cold wintry night. The locker room was sparsely populated with a few older men running around the area naked, but I was brave, grabbed a towel, and stripped off my gym clothes and underwear. I put the white towel around my waist (No, i really did not want anyone to see my cock) and headed around the corner to the men's hot tub and sauna area.

I placed my towel down, and gradually submerged my body in the hot foamy water. In the hot tub was one other guy, medium build, short black hair just relaxing. he had a nice upper body. After a few minutes, we made eye contact. At this point, wasn't sure if it was general eye contact or if he decided to "check me out". After a few minutes, exchanging glances he exited the hot tub, and headed to the sauna room.

So at this point there is a strong possibility that he's interested in me. I exited a moment after him, and entered the sauna room.

In the sauna room, we both made eye contact and he smiled at me. I could not stop staring at him. He pulled down his towel, and started stroking his cock. I stroked back, giving him the "OK", everything is good. I moved over to sit right next to him, and I touched his erect cock. After touching and stroking it, I put his meat in mouth and told him to watch just in case anybody entered the sauna room.

After sucking his cock, we decided back to the hot tub since it was hot in the shower. We sat next to each other in the hot tub, and gave each other hand jobs underneath the hot tub foam. My heart was pounding over the fear of getting caught, but still hot to do it in a public place.  I felt my cum release, and he decided to hop out and get dressed.

I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place to continue the evenings adventure, but he had to be home.

No fucking, but still a hot experience having somewhat public sex.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Almost Happened

Forgot to move this out of draft...

The other evening, I was chatting with an out of town BBRT connection. He  asked me if I finally received the load. So told him some of the story, and I need to write it out. Here it goes.

I was horned up and cruising the local area on grindr. A blank profile messaged me. He asked if I wanted to get fucked and sent me his picture.

He was in-shape, hipster look, about 6 foot tall. I told him, I need a few minutes to prep. Twenty minutes later, I told him I was ready.  After some discussion, we did mutually agree to do bareback. He did ask me if I was sure if I wanted him to come over, I said come on over.

About 20 minutes later,  he showed up at my room. Exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes. He told me that he just got out of a relationship, and he smiled at me. We started making out while clothed, and it felt good.

He took off his clothes, just down to his red pair of undies, which looked to be a bikini briefs with a big red pouch covering his crotch. After some more making out, he opened a new poppers bottle. he took a sniff, and then I took a sniff. Made out pretty passionately for a few minutes, and he threw me down on to the bed and began to suck my dick.

After some sucking, we both took another sniff of poppers. I felt very good with that initial popper high. my heading was spinning, feeling my heart beat, I moved into a missionary position, slight lifting my ass into the air ready to receive. At this point, I felt ready to get that load of cum into my ass.  When I was in the position, he started to position him self to put his cock into my ass.

He came down, gave me a kiss, and then I thought he was going to insert. But to my disappointment, he pulled back and said he could not go through with it. he mentioned brought back memories with his bf who he recently broke up with and felt guilty about doing it.

I was bummed. He decided to rinse off, and then got clothed. We chit chatted about our relationships for a few minutes On his way out of my hotel room, he gave me a kiss, and left.

My feelings...he'll be getting back with his ex if he's having that kind of strong feelings and feeling guilty during sex.

Haven't seen him on grindr since..(unless i was blocked)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Quick Fuck and Go...

It's been a while since my last posting. Work has been crazy, and not much time for extracurricular activity.

I've been communicating with young Hispanic on grindr for the last few weeks and we finally met up. He came over to my hotel room right after he finished work, while he was postponing or being fashionably late for his bar night. If you have not noticed, I do have a strong preference for Asians and Hispanics

He entered the room, gave me a kiss on cheek. Then he asked if he could use my bathroom and I said yes. He came out of the bathroom just wearing a jockstrap and then wiped his ass in front of me with a wash cloth. I removed my clothes, and we started to make out. It was a passionate make out.

After making out, he began to suck my dick and he was able to get my entire shaft in his mouth while moving up and down, without my dick being bitten. After he sucked my dick, he told me to suck his. It was around 6 inches, and went down on his dick.

After finishing sucking his dick some, he began to rim me. His tongue felt really good on my ass crack getting it all nice and moist. After he moistened it up, he came back to kiss me. I leaned away (I don't like kissing in the mouth after being rimmed), so kissed him on the cheek and sucked his dick some more.

After sucking his dick, I grabbed a rubber. This was my first time trying Trojan Bareskin condom when topping. The condom felt flimsy putting it on, and really did not look to have any kind of reservoir so I was expecting a breakage, and eventually loading

After wrapping up, I put his legs up over my shoulders and slowly slid my piece of meat into his ass. My cock slid in fairly easily. Checked with him to make sure he's not in too much pain, and he told me to go ahead.  So I started thrusting him. He really enjoyed it, because he kept looking at my eyes with a big smile on his face. After some thrusting, I came while my cock was still in his ass.

He told me to stay in him while he jerked himself off to complete the act. Overall, a good quick fuck.

If you have to use the rubber, or sometimes when your too timid to go in bare (like me sometimes) it felt very good for a condom. And it still held my massive load without breakage.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick Morning Jack Off

This morning, I had early morning meeting scheduled. So I set the alarm earlier than  usual to 6:30AM. Of course, I woke up early around 5:45AM with a strong case of morning wood. Thought about rolling back over for 45 minutes, I grabbed my phone and logged into Grindr as I tried to wake up before sipping my morning coffee

Not after 5 minutes logged on, I get hit up by a 23 y/o with no picture, but he sent me one on the first message. He said he wanted to get fucked, and said he wanted to get fucked raw if I was DD/F and HIV-. Said yes to the above query, and told him to come on over.

After giving him my location, he started asking questions if he could shower before we had sex and to start prepping. As we were conversing, he said he arrived in the hotel parking lot.
He arrived in my room. Looked like he just completed his workday on the 3rd shift, and had a sweaty scent to him. He asked to shower and prep, time was short for extra time to prep/etc. Really needed to be a fuck and so we mutually decided to do oral.

We both stroked each other's cocks, and then he and I came very close to the same time. First, I came on myself, and afterwords I told him to come on me, and he obliged. So my entire chest was full of cum, and told him he needed to leave so I could get ready for work.

Good way to start the day. Wish II had more time to fuck, instead of just oral.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Close Call, Cum Hungry Young One...

While at home, I decided to log into BBRT. Started chatting and making arrangements for a 27 y/o top to come over to my house and breed me. The bf was at work and an opportunity to meet up with someone who turned me on. After making final arrangements with the top, bf calls and says he is on his way home from work and fortunately I was able to make contact with the top, and abort the mission :( Cock blocked, but avoided the drama)

Last night, I logged into Grindr.  A 19 y/o headless torso messages me, and tells me his hungry for cum, and wants to suck me off. Sounds hot, so I asked him if we wanted to fuck or get fucked. said he does not like fucking. Usually I won't hook up for just oral, but I was horny and he was ready to go. So I told him to come on over.

He arrived at my room. His body is sweaty, and had very cute black curly hair. I offered him a glass of water to cool off first, and he accepted. As I was getting his water, he stripped off his clothes. He took a few sips of water, and I stripped. He went down on his knees, and put my limp cock in his mouth and began lubricating with his spit.

This turns me on when someone is on his knees sucking my cock. He had a good rythm to his sucking, mixing it up with tongue, and deep throating my cock, using his teeth gently to give extra stimulation.

After 10 minutes of receiving head, I directed him back to the bed and he layed down. I started to face fuck him and he still was able to take it without stopping to grasp for breath. After this, his cock was hard and solid and was sticking up in all his glory. Being a cocksucker, I went down on him and started licking his cock while he groaned. He seemed to enjoy the moment.

Then he took charge, and place himself underneath my cock and began to give me oral again, as I continued to suck his big dick.

Continuing with doing 69, I was getting close to cumming. So I asked him, where do you want my cum, and he said on his face

So I positioned my cock right above his mouth, as I knew any moment my load is coming up. He practically begged for my cock and load and talked dirty words of give me that cum, and let me drink it. When I started my orgasm, I sprayed my first few squirts on his face, and then he put my cock on his tongue so he could taste the rest of my sweet juice.

After I finished, there was a ring of my cum on his mouth. He licked it, and he asked me where I wanted the cum. I told him to explode on my stomach, and on demand it spewed all over my stomach. what a nice white load of sperm.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pressure On Now: SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision today

Good decision by the United States Supreme court to allow marriage equality in all 50 states.
I reside in a state where marriage until this morning gay marriage was illegal.  Now the pressure is on my partner and myself,  because the question will be "When are you guys getting hitched".  No longer can use the reason, since it's not legal in my state, we're not getting married.

More difficult decision is whether to marry or not. Sounds fun to go through wedding ceremony, reception, etc and the honeymoon. However what's the practical implications with finances, divorce, etc.

I'm an infidel, and if I get caught in the act, I really don't want to deal with divorce and risk my assets just over sex. Maybe it's just the conversation to go with an open relationship, instead of the monogamous facade.

However, with me and my partner, there is still a mutual understanding that we would take care of each other because we want to, instead of if we have to.

When will the first gay divorce be. I'm not the only infidel out there !!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Poppers and Swallowing multiple loads

Another night and of course I'm horned up and ready to go. I'm in the mood to get pounded in the ass Since I felt a little constipated up there, I took an enema for the first time to clean out. Liked it, made cleaning out a cleared and ready to get laid.

So started talking with a few people on grindr. One was a 22 y/o student who wanted to fuck me, and another was cute Asian twink body, in his early 30's.  Told 22 y/o to come right over, but said he could not at the moment and that flamed out.

Continued some conversation with the Asian for a while and eventually he invited me over to give him head after 2 hours of on and off again conversation.

Arrived at his apartment, he pulled down his shorts, and I started to suck and lick on his shaft. He told me to get naked, and I continued sucking on his cock and and on his nipples that really turned him on.

After a bit, he held a bottle of poppers under by nose, and I took a few whiffs of the poppers. Immediately, got the popper rush, and got all the way down on his 7inch cock...

Continuing with more sucking, and the popper high starting to go down, he told me to kneel down because he wanted to fuck my ass. I of course obliged, he took a sniff of the poppers, and I took another sniff to get that rush back while he fucked me for 5 minutes.

After the fucking, he ripped the condom off. At this point, I would have loved him to fuck his load in me, but he told me to suck his cock again. His cock began to throb in my mouth, and that sweet cum of his was now inside my mouth. really no taste to it, but felt good swishing it around my mouth.

He went a got me a bottle of water to rinse my mouth out. Now, I thought the encounter was over after we talked and exchanged pleasantries. After talking for a few minutes, and began dress in preparation to leave his place. However, he asked me if I could suck him again, so I threw my clothes off and began to suck him again..

After sucking his cock for a few more minutes, he came in my mouth again. Felt great.

After he came, he asked how he can get me off. So I told him to start sucking my nipple, and I will just stroked my cock till i came in the rag he provided. Nice that top let me actually get off at the scene.

Fun experience. he is a person i want to meet again.

Have a great Wednesday. yes. it's my ass

Monday, June 22, 2015

did I really want the bondage? Yeah. I go spanked

As I prepared to retire for the evening, I received a grindr message from a blank profile. He wants me to come cover to his hotel room around midnight. The profile had no picture, no detail, no weight, no height.

So I waited for an hour and half, and he sent me a message that the arrived at his room. We exchanged face pics. So he told me to come over right now, and asked every two minutes when i can get there. Got annoying that I really did not want to head over.  My hormones were raging and I'm craving cock in my ass, and decided to go for it after exchanging face pictures.

After midnight, its a crapshoot if you can get into the hotel without having a room key. If I did not make it right in, I'm outta of there. Fortunately, I made it into the building and up the elevator without anyone noticing.

Arrived in his room, and he asked me to start touching him just all over his body while he was busy surfing his apps. After doing this for a bit, he wanted to try to get a three-some together, and explained to him that I could not be up all night waiting to get this done.

He asked me if I was submissive. I said yes. And then he decided to slap me lightly on the face and then started spanking my ass hard which felt really good.

After the flogging, he wanted me to suck his cock. Really did not want to go down on it because i noticed as bump/cyst on it, and would rather not take chances with that, not knowing for sure if it's std or just normal skin, even after asking about HIV/STD's.

Then a grabbed the condom and wrapped his big 8 inch dick on it, and stated that i was not a good sucker and my asswill  take the pounding.

So I laid face down, and he proceeded to fuck me hard and it hurt like a mo-fo. I did grimmace in pain, and he laid off for a second, after that he pounded me some more hard. Felt more pain. After a few minutes, the pain subsided, and the thrusts felt good. Yes, I did moan like a baby a few times :)

He got off, and I was ready to get out there.  I washed up and left...Told me to throw away his condom and keep the extra. He was afraid to keep any and all of evidence of the act and then called his wife/girlfriend when I left. Hope he doesn't treat her that way.

Really don't like bossy tops since i'm a laid back guy, but still worth the trip

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Today was a long travel day ending late in the evening.

It's been 6 months since my last HIV test, and had one unsafe experience where I fucked another traveler in my hotel. Cruising my grindr, a cute attractive twink popped up. we had a quick grindr discourse, and he decided to come up to my room to just give me a blow job.

He pulled down my pants and sucked my cock. After a few minutes sucking and giving me decent head, he removed his clothes and jumped up on my bed doggie style. His ass looked golden and beautiful in the air. I obliged removing the remaining clothing on me, and went in to fuck him without a care in the world.

His ass was nice and loose and easily took my thick meat. After a few thrusts, my spilled my load in my ass and he cleaned up and left.

Experiences like this always puts the thought in my mind of bareback all the time since it feels so much better. On the other hand, I'm nervous taking my HIV test due to these experiences and living life with HIV. decisions, decisions.

Share your thoughts with me :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Welcome to my blog. Just a little about me. I'm Midwestern fit guy working and surviving through life. I have a good job, good friends, relationship, and I travel. Sounds like the gay all American perfect life to live.

Alas, I'm not perfect so time to share my experiences with you.

Sexually, I'm versatile. Usually I top. Sometimes I end up on the bottom. Right now, I play safe but considering more bareback sex. I have done some bareback topping (feels great), but still freak out about the risk.

Last, but not least, a shout out to for the inspiration to write and share with you.