Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hotel Blowjob

I arrived yesterday at a Texas hotel after a long flight and hour Lyft ride from the airport on a hot and humid Texas afternoon. I was hot, horny, and sweaty, and ready for a nap when I arrived at the hotel. I used the bathroom, stripped my clothes down to my Calvin Klein briefs, and logged into one of those gay hookup applications.
As many of you know,  anytime you are in a new area, you become instantly popular on the apps. So within minutes, a built 43-year-old cutie messaged me and asked if he could suck my dick. After the obligatory naked and face picture exchanges, I gave him my hotel address and room. He had a nice skinny 7.5-inch cock and firm ass on him. I did offer to fuck him, but he said he only wanted to suck no reciprocation needed.
Quickly I freshened up, put a pair of mesh gym shorts on, and left my room door cracked slightly open. After about 20 minutes, I'm still waiting for him to walk in the room since I was not sure if the meetup is going to happen. I'm also constrained by a dinner meeting within the hour. I messaged him and asked if he was on the way, and he said he was in the parking lot.
After a few minutes anxiously awaiting his arrival, he opened up my room door and let him self in. He said a shy hello, and fully closed and locked my room door.  We made out for a few moments, we started to simultaneously get naked together.  When he was stripping, he did an 180-degree turn and saw his beautiful round ass, and had evil thoughts launching my DNA in there.
After both had got naked, we began to kiss passionately. I kissed him on the neck and started to lick his nipples.  After the foreplay,  he started sucking my cock.  I asked him if he wanted to come back to the bedroom part of my suite to continue, and he smiled and said yes.
I threw him on the bed and gave him pecks on the cheek and some tongue action. After the tongue action, he flipped me over and began to suck on my cock. His warm mouth felt good on my meat.
I did offer to fuck him again, but he refused and wanted to continue sucking my cock. After sucking my cock, I eventually launched a load in his mouth, he swallowed my entire load. He continued to suck my dick after ejaculation to be sure he had licked every last remaining drip of my cum, like his life depended on it.
After the sucking, I offered to suck him, and he said I did not need to. He clothed and then left.  This morning, he messaged me, and asked if I was still in town tonight. I had another city to visit tonight, but I told him next time in town I would like to meet up and fuck him. And responded to me, "I want you fill my ass deep." Hopefully, in a month, I will be seeding his perfect ass with a nice shot of protein.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Power Bottom can't take it...

   After arriving in my destination city and before I can unpack one bag, I received a message from Malaysian power bottom Grindr guy. He was 20 miles away from my location. He was incessant to have sex tonight. I tried to avoid it, by saying I'm jet lagged, but he insisted on meeting tonight. So I agreed to a dinner meeting.
      He met me for dinner. We talked, he gave me information about the country I'm located in and gave me tips on how to get around town. At this point, I was ready to call it an evening. I said we can have sex next time. He also wanted to use condoms. Also, after eating, I really don't want to fuck a bottom, since it could get messy.
      So the following week, he hit me up on Grindr and asked if he could come over. I said yes he could come over, and about an hour later, I heard a knock on the hotel door. Since already knew him, I waited for him in just my underwear, a black pair of Calvin Klein briefs Starting in my underwear helps gets things moving right away and guys think it's hot being already naked once they arrive.
    After we began to make out, he stripped down to his underwear quickly and made out some more. Also, I'm a sucker for licking on the nipples. So I licked on his nipples and began to suck his cock. He reciprocated the favor back to me. After the initial cuddling and body contact, I began to tease his ass hole with my hard cock. It looked tight, but immaculate and ready to be rimmed.
    I began to rim his ass, and started to prepare for my cock to enter his tight little hole.  Since I really wanted to seed his ass, I lubed my dick up. He did not say a word, and after I finished lubing my dick , he assumed the position with him on all fours, and his full moon ass in the air. He told me to fuck him raw. Always teasing the ass with a cock makes is easy for the bottom to forget about using rubbers.
   Since his ass looked tight, I slowly started to put my cock head in his small hole. I was able to get my cock head in slowly, but he began to grimace and his ass tightened up where I could not penetrate any further.  So after attempting one additional penetration, still no luck, and he said my cock was too big for him.
    So instead of a story of me ejaculating all over his inner guts, I just stroked myself off, and told him to go. Don't market yourself as a power bottom, if you can't take the dick. My pecker is not that that big, only around 6.5 inches.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Airport Blowjob

I was in a European airport yesterday waiting for my flight back to the United States. While waiting, I started to check out the guys on Grindr. After a few minutes, a blank profile messaged me, and asked how was. After exchanging that we're both horny, he asked me if I would meet him in the Family bathroom. I thought to myself should I really be doing this, what if he was not attractive. Is it really safe to get a BJ?

Walking down further the terminal area, I finally ran into him near the gate location he provided to me. He had a fit and slightly muscular body.

We made some small talk for a few minutes, shared that we were both in relationships. He said he has been in a relationship for 20 years.  After exchanging that information, he asked if I was ready to get started.

He scooted off to the family bathroom. I took a quick glance and making sure it was safe to proceed. After I had locked the door, I breathed that deep sigh of relief that this bj will soon be starting.

Now I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans, and slid my undies down to expose my cock to him. He took control of my cock, and began to slow lick and lube my initially limp cock up with his warm saliva and my cock gradually stiffened up. He continued to use tongue action and his mouth to massage my dick. It felt wonderful.

After a few more minutes of this action, I told him that I was about to blow my load, giving him a fair warning if he did not want to swallow my load. He continued to suck on my cock, and my throbbing cock was ready to spray a load all over inside his mouth.

My cock finally started squirting cum in his mouth, releasing all my stresses of the day.
He continued to suck until he swallowed my entire load.  After he had stopped sucking, I slid my underwear back up and buttoned up my jeans, and exited the bathroom to head back to my original gate.

Usually, I dribble a few drops of cum in my undies a few moments after I ejaculate, but today there was none left. That was one great blow job.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Love Breeding Big Asses

It's been a while since I've had sex, and an opportunity finally presented itself.

I was ready to head to bed and started a Grindr conversation with a thirty-something Middle Eastern guy.  He was pleasant to talk to, and he seemed laid back. So after exchanging messages, I provided him with my room number and gave him directions to the hotel.  We agreed to meet at 10:30PM.

So now it's 10:40 PM, and he has not arrived at my hotel room. I sent him another message and no response at 10:45PM. I was about to give up on him showing up, but I finally received the soft knock on my hotel room door, and he entered.  He was nicely dressed business casual when he arrived.

He then removed my clothes and began to suck on my dick. After sucking on my dick for a few minutes, he dropped his pants. I gave him a few kisses, and then I worked on removing his clothes. After I finished removing his clothes, he said he was ready for my dick.

He stood on the front of bed, and leaned over, and assumed the position. His ass was begging for my cock.  I stood behind him, put my hand on his but cheek, which was very bubbly, and I rubbed it, and then I slowly inserted my cock.

I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable when my cock slid in, so I did not  thrust in deep and hard. I held still for a minute, and rubbed his back, hoping he would relax some. So after rubbing his lower back, and massing his big ass cheeks, I thrust in once, and it began to smell slightly..

At the moment, I was starting to get slightly concerned that this might be a messy fuck. So instead of going in with multiple hard thrusts, I just gave some gentle thrusts in the upper part of his ass. After giving him about 10 gentle thrusts, I eventually released my load inside of his hole.

After that, he was ready to get dressed quickly and left without cleaning up or washing up. Still felt good to breed a hole, but wish I was able to thrust deeper. However, I was still relived to get off with out any mess!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out of the 5 month dry spell, getting pounded by 8.5 inches

Right before the holiday weekend started, I logged into Grindr late afternoon to see what is out there. Immediately, I got hit up by 28 looking 36 y/o and he asked if I wanted to get fucked. So after finishing up my work conference call, I headed for a drive in the country to meet him up.

After circling around on the country road out in cow country, I finally pulled into his driveway once I was certain I had the correct address. He met out in the garage while he was finishing up his last remanent of his cigarette, and we began to make out in full view of the roadway.

After making out, he started to pull my pants down, in full view of the neighbors across the street. I told him I liked that, and he started playing with my dick in the garage. Very hot to have my shorts down in public.  He spanked my ass a few times. After a few minutes of foreplay, we invited me into the house, and went upstairs to his room.

We made out some more, and he pulled my shorts completely way from my legs. After he finished taking off my shorts, I removed my shirt. I really don't like being half clothed during sex, I must be all the way butt naked. After kissing a few fleeting seconds more, I began to unbutton his shorts, and promptly placed my thirsty mouth on his monster cock and began to wet it with my mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking on his cock, he pushed me down on to be the bed, chest first, with my ass up. He began to lick and water up my ass to prepare for the entry of his big cock. After he finished rimming, he spit on his cock, and began to penetrate into my hole with his cockhead.

I usually don't bottom for his size cock, I was horny and in the middle of a dry spell, and he was agreeable to bareback. So I had to take him up on the opportunity.

After his cock head entered, he began to thrust in and out of my ass with medium strokes of the cock. After some more thrusts, the spit as lube quickly dried out, and felt like his big cock was rubbing against sand paper in my ass. So I asked him to lube up with lube, and went back to fucking me....

After some more fucking, he switched positions. First for some side action, and then with me on top of him receiving his dick. It felt good having that size of cock in me...but again, I don't think he used enough lube, and it felt like sandpaper and got painful again..

At this point, I went ahead and decided to just jerk off simultaneously with him on his chest, leaving a puddle of cum on his chest.

Lesson learned..get fucked more often so my hole does not tighten up. Secondly, I don't think i can go back to sex with a condom anymore.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hotel Lobby Stall or The Power Bottom in my Room, I-Watch

After just arriving in town yesterday and finishing a long day at the office, I arrived at my hotel room. I checked in, changed clothes, grabbed a bite to eat, and open up Grindr.

On Grindr, literally the next guy right next to my profile messaged me. He was a 22 y/o. had a nice cock, and found out that he was an hotel employee where I'm staying.  After finishing the usual Grindr pleasantries, I extended an invite to him if he could "sneak up" to my room. He said he could not come up to my room on the clock or off the clock, due to cameras being everywhere. However, he asked me if I could come down to the lobby bathroom stall, and he could come and fuck me in there. Yes, it would not be the first time I've had sex with a hotel employee.

I did ponder his offer, but I was nervous getting caught in the lobby bathroom. Also, he insisted to use a rubber. If I'm doing it in public, it's too hard to bring lube, rubbers, poppers all with me into a bathroom stall. Has to be a quick fuck. At this stage in my life, I'd rather be comfortable in a room than squished up in a stall. If he was ok with raw, I  would have been in that stall.

While struggling to make up my mind, another local guy hit me. He pinged me, and asked if I could fuck him and told me that he was on Prep and STD free, and tested this week. I said great, and come on over.

So I prepared my room for his arrival. Got out my sex bag, with my poppers, lube, and condoms. At this point, since he volunteered he was on Prep, and I'd assumed he would want my dick raw. A few minutes passed, and he arrived a my room.

He entered my room, gave me a kiss, and took of his clothes. He took control, and started sucking on my cock. I tried to kiss him, and reciprocate, he forcefully pushed me back on my back, and continued to suck my erect cock.

After a few minutes, he went back to his jeans, grabbed his lube, and began to lube up his ass. Then he grabbed one of my condoms, and placed it on my cock. Caught me a by surprise, but went along with it. Even I agree to go bareback with someone, I still put the condoms out just in case of a last minute change of heart.

He then laid down on my bed, pulled his legs back by his shoulders. and I began to penetrate him with my cock. As my cock was entering his hole. I saw his face skirmish.. So I held for a second before my next thrust, and asked him if he was alright. He said yes, and I began to give him a mix of shorter and longer thrusts.

All of the sudden, he began looking at his I-Watch, since he started receiving some texts from a friend. The message killed the moment. I asked again if he was ok, and he said he had to text back, etc. So after he completed the voice dictation of his return message, he demanded me to lay on my back, and he proceeded to sit on my cock.

Following a few thrusts, I came in the condom. After I came, I switched to a missionary position. After I switched to a missionary position, he began to attempt to penetrate my ass. Before he was able to penetrate, cum began to come out of his cock and hitting on my ass hole. Felt really hot to have cum hitting my ass.

After this, we cleaned up quickly, and left to attend to his personal business

Lesson learned. Make sure your sex partner does not have a I-Watch On During sex, or it can kill the moment. Nice to have sex, but wish their was no interruptions.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick Raw Hookup before the bf arrived home

I was logged onto Grindr this evening,  horned up, and trying to see if I can get a quick hookup in before the significant other arrived home. I've talked to this one guy off and on for the past few months, but schedules never worked out to meet up. I messaged him, and he immediately told me he was free to meet up now. I said yes, gave him my address. However, time  very limited for me tonight, so I was banking on him getting here quickly and getting done fast. He is also partnered.

Unfortunately, it took him about 35 minutes to get here. He was in his early 30s, around 5'7, wearing all black, but still had a decent build. He came in my front door, took his clothes off, and I began to suck his dick some. By this point, I knew I had only about 10 minutes left before I could run into any issues.

After giving him a blow job, he proceeded to start rimming my ass. He did a really nice job moistening up my ass, and getting it prepped for receiving his 7 inch cock.  He turned me around on the bed, and stuck his cock head in. Got the initial pain sensation for a minute, and told him to pull out for a second.  Time was almost out.

Since his first penetration hurt, I went to my bottle of poppers, and took 2-3 sniffs which helped to relax me. I put my legs up again, and his raw dick slid in with absolutely no pain the second time. Amazing what poppers can do to help relax you.

 He began to thrust his dick with gentle strokes, and it felt amazing not having any latex separating his dick and my ass. Now, at this point, as good as his dick feels, this act need to be finished up in a hurry or I would be caught.

While he continued to fuck me, I started stroking my dick, and shot cum on his and my chest. It felt really good. Then I told him, are you able to cum soon, and he told me it would take him a while. Unfortunately, I did not have time to have him keeping fucking me without getting caught. He gave me a few more strokes, and wrapped it up the act. However, he was not able to ejaculate in my ass...

He cleaned up and dressed. He told me he would like to come over again, and he left. I put the sheets in the washer, and hopped in the shower, and before my partner got home about 10 minutes later.

Lessons from this one, wish I had more time. Also, I don't think i can go back to condoms when receiving dick. Felt too good without one on. Now it's when, not if I'll take cum in my ass. Till next time.